Black Lives Matter in the Sphere of Art and Technology

I have been performing in and putting on fundraisers a lot these past months, so this list of organizations and people to donate to has naturally grew to be something I feel like I can share to help other organizers out there working in the art & technology sphere. In the fundraisers we need to be very contemplative about whom we choose to support, we must support a variety of organizations, and individuals.

This spread sheet is editable by anyone, I welcome you to add orgs & people to the list if they are specific to this cause. I ask that we prioritize smaller grassroots organizations and people instead of larger orgs that already have a lot of funding from tech companies.

I started this when I was organizing the Minecraft Algorave for Wonderverse. We all were able to vote on a place to donate to using this spreadsheet. I edited the list to be more broadly about art & tech & not just the Minecraft show since. The reason why I did this was because I want to create a more sustainable donation model. I want to make a greater impact in my own field, as well as distribute funds to those who need it just as much or more. I continually donate to initiatives like Undocublack, who work to make space for undocumented black immigrants. I wanted to carve out a small space on the internet to keep the initiatives specific to uplifting black voices in the art and technology crossover.

For me and maybe others sometimes it feels like the movement is happening elsewhere, that its happening in the court room, in schools, in museums, in the streets, in hospitals, but its happening everywhere, it is happening right before your eyes, in your place of work, you can make an impact as an individual. In one of my workshops I posed the question: how can someone in art and technology help, not only as a person but as a creative technologist, or computational artist or whatever. This is not an answer to the questions but its always good to give money to orgs who are fighting for radical justice.

I made these graphics to go along with the spreadsheet, feel free to use it however.