I worked on the unreleased VR music video FLEECE by Crystal Castles. Shaw Walters was the lead developer and Ronen V was the director.


Tip of My Tongue

moon baby char stiles

Hello! Welcome to progress page for an upcoming Pittsburgh Artist-based music video!

Check out my progress so far! This is Moon Baby’s motion capture data rigged up to a 3D scan of her with some simulated hair that doesn’t want to sit still:

We also captured facial motion capture data.

I also made this tongue in Maya:



Performing Coding

Performance for Kool Keith

Performance #?

I have been performing for almost a year now, I lost track. On February 17th Projectile Objects and I created visuals for Cosmic Sound’s Altared I. I wrote about the process here.

Performance #3

On October 6th Anna Henson and I created the visuals for VIA 2017. It was a great honor to work with such talented musicians and the entire VIA crew.

Video by Anna Henson

Photos by Ryan Micheal White

Photo by a rando

Tests leading up to VIA:

Performance #2

Here is a shader I coded for Pittsburgh’s first algorave at Pierce Studios. Thanks to Kevin Bednar for putting the algorave together.

The music is Enth by Crystal Castles.

Performance #1

Photos from March 30th 2017 at Spirit.

Just The Right Height @ spirit

Just The Right Height Photo by Lauren Goshinski




Me on visuals next to Lauren Goshinski, the organizer of the Femme night. Video by Sam Barton, without him I would have no documentation of this night.

Visuals are a modified shader from  https://pixlpa.com/, I added sound frequency reactivity and live edited it with a webcam-pointed-at-projection induced feedback loop.


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.55.34 PM

Elle Excess