Hello all! Welcome to the Dev Tea Shader page!



Here is where you can access the different editors:
* Kodelife ( (not open source, but the most polished)
* ISF editor ( (open source, fits into other VJ softwares, no live compilation)
Here is the editor I’m using today!
* The Force ( (Also open source & online editor (no download needed) I also just started using this)


Here you can find boiler plate code I’m going to be walking through:

  1. Kodelife:
  2. The Force:
  3. ISF Editor:


Here you can find the glsl sticker sheet


Here you can find the slides:

Next Steps

These are some specific suggestions from me if you want to continue learning but don’t know how to start.

1. Learn the maths from The Book of Shaders
** If you haven’t looked at this already, look through it! Its wonderfully paced and has a lot of versatile useful information. []

2. Get into 3D!
** This tutorial here: is super thorough and really useful!

** I wrote a really basic ray marcher that will work in kodelife: 

4. Get involved Online
Lets make a lil gallery of the things we make! Send me links to screenshots of your work 🙂

for example here is a gallery from another workshop: