This is a page about my performance for Github. Thank you for your attention and interest but mostly thank you for the opportunity to show you what I love doing. I livecode because it features developer transparency central to software’s creation; when programming is performed the focus is on the thought process and the humanity in algorithms, all the technical mishaps and mistakes that come with it. 🙂

The music is by the talented musician Dan Gorelick. He created this remix live by using a combination of Tidal Cycles (Haskell based musical live coding language made by Alex McLean) and a Korg MS-20 synth. The track was from another live performance that happened earlier this quarantine:


My performance was written in GLSL. I used the software Kodelife which renders the GLSL fragment shader as the background of the code itself.

I use a technique called ray marching where I code a 3D renderer in a 2D fragment shader. This is done by coding the pixels of rays of light, and defining 3D shapes as distance functions.

If you want to try out livecoding shaders, I am teaching a workshop this weekend about livecoding graphics. No coding experience required, but if you’re completely green I recommend you watch a 15 min tutorial video. For more information, tickets, and the tutorial video see here: