Freelance GLSL Shader and Ray Marching Teacher at Duke University, CMU, Music Community Lab at NYU Tandon, Xi Fellowship at MIT, Parsons School of Design, Recurse Center, MUTEK, Hackers and Designers (NL), ArtCenter and CODAME
Created and taught part or in full a 4 part workshop series to introduce non-graphics programmers to learn how to write a small renderer in a single shader called a ray marcher. The series includes how to light the scene, use camera movements, and how to make transparent objects that refract light.
Jan 2019 – Present

Freelance Software Engineer at Looking Glass Factory
Creating novel rendering techniques for the Looking Glass holographic display. Working in a C++ codebase, working on an app that allows users to easily edit and upload 3D photos and videos to the display. Investigating new ML research for use in the Looking Glass, like infill painting.
September 2020 – present

Snap ML Resident at Snap Inc.
Created and trained an ML model using pytorch to use in an augmented reality Snapchat filter. Owned a filter from design to execution but working with the engineering team to create an efficient and unique filter. This was an awarded residency.
July 2020 – August 2020

Freelance Unity developer at Beside Digital
Created a demo on The Looking Glass display, created an AR app that ran on their enterprise Windows custom hardware setup.
Feb 2020 – March 2020 

Research Associate at The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
Created an augmented reality iOS application and deployed it to Test Flight, implemented an on-device classifier using CoreML. Under the supervision of Jessica Hodgins and James Duesing.
Fall 2018 – Fall 2019

Creative Technologist & Artist in Residence at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Wrote graphics programs for artists, including AR apps, web apps, GLSL shaders and OpenFrameworks, also advised and created templates for students to use to create software art.
Fall 2018 – Summer 2019

Intern at Nvidia
Worked on a small team to create a web app for an on-stage demo about ray tracing. This entailed developing a drawing tool in Javascript and WebGL, as well as iterating on the storyboard of the demo.
Winter 2018 – Fall 2018

Junior Developer at Tin Drum, a startup in Pittsburgh, PA
Developed an AR iOS app among other components of an internationally exhibited AR short called Tartuffe. Worked on AR/VR pieces for St.Vincent and Crystal Castles.
Summer 2017 

Researcher at the Community Robotics Education and Technology Empowerment Lab at Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
Worked with their EarthDev Team on the Explorables project to create data visualizations with maps to convey compelling stories about the environment and humanity.
Summer 2016

Studio Assistant at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Prepared class materials such as example work for lectures and gathers data to use by students by writing web scrapers.
Fall 2015 – Fall 2018

Intern for Artists Kevin Swioff and Lisa Park at New Inc.
Assisted on the creation of Swioff and Park’s interactive sculptural installation, Luma. Shown at Red Bull Studios, Chelsea, NYC. Assisted in the coordination of a team of  installation assistants and production, designed and 3D printed parts for the sculptures.
Summer 2015

Intern for Artists & Programmers Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy at Metropolitan Exchange
Scraped the web for content to use in a recurrent neural network, wrote data visualizations, organized files, created 3d models of installations for planning & fabricated prototypes.
Summer 2015

Intern for Artists & Designers Eroon Kang and Taeyoon Choi at Math Practice
Assisted in the design of hardware capsule and vitrine, fabricated the prototype, & wrote content for the team’s workshop TimeKeepers which was hosted by LACMA.
Summer 2015

CNC Router Technician at CMU ArtFab Labs
Assists students and faculty with routing jobs, prepares CAD & CAM files, maintains shop and facilities.
Fall 2013 – Spring 2016

SexEd Project Assistant at Open Engagement
Assisted video shoots and editing for SexEd’s Pleasure Workshop, which is encouraging a public discussion about sexual health and education, during Open Engagement, which is an international conference and platform for socially engaged art.
March 2015



Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor of Computer Science and Art with a Minor in Media Design (Honors)
May 2018

Awards and Honors:

  • Snap ML Grant
    Summer 2020
  • Clinic for Open-Source Arts Grant
    Spring 2020
  • Recurse Center Grant
    Fall 2019
  • First Place in DemoSplash 2018 Live Shader Compo
    Fall 2018
  • Small Undergraduate Research Grant
    Summer 2017
  • Frank-Ratchye Fund for the Art at the Frontier Microgrant
    Jan 2017
  • The Henry Armero Memorial Award for Inclusive Creativity
    Jan 2016
  • Frank-Ratchye Fund for the Art at the Frontier Microgrant
    Oct 2015
  • John L. Porter Sophomore Award
    May 2015
  • Fundamentals of Programming Competition Championship Round
    Spring 2014
  • Dean’s List
    Fall 2013-Spring 2018
  • High Honors Dean’s List
    Spring 2013
  • Carnegie Museum of Art – 2 Minute Film Festival Onsite People’s Choice Award and Online People’s Choice Award
    June 2014

Select Exhibitions & Presentations:

  • Performance at Github Satellite
    Performed in Github’s online streamed conference
    May 2020
  • Performance at International Conference on Livecoding
    Performed in Limerick, Ireland
    February 2020
  • Performance at DOKA
    Performed with Joe Kresge in Amsterdam, Holland
    August 2019
  • Performance at Mattress Factory
    Performed with {arsonist} (Danielle Rager) a livecoded A/V set
    June 2018
  • Visuals for VIA 2017
    Performed live coding for artists Elysia Crampton (CAL), Haleek Maul (BGI), EMBACI (NYC), D0UZE (NYC), Anna Azizzy (PGH)
    October 2017
  • Apple Pie: An American Art Show at Goodyear Arts, Charlotte NC
    Exhibited in show addressing the intersectional identities of American artists.
    March 2017
  • Power and the Soul at The Frame
    Exhibited in show and talkbacks focused on intersections of diversity and social justice.
    January 2017
  • Weird Reality: Head-Mounted Art && Code at The Ace Hotel
    Exhibited in salon and presented piece to the symposium in a short talk with collaborator Alicia Iott.
    Oct 2016
  • Incarnate at The Frame
    Collaborated with Gwen Sadler on an installation two-person show.
    Oct 2015
  • Henry Armero Memorial Award Winner Presentation at The Miller Gallery
    Presented VR piece with collaborator Alicia Iott.
    Sep 2016