My recent work has been research into email protocol. Email is at its point where it’s an extremely benign and non-intimidating technology, email is the digital passport to the internet! My research is driven by a desire to educate, in small batches of people in my community and beyond, to plant the seed that email is totally radical. This is a call to value maintenance over invention, because maintenance can be innovative.

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What is this for?
Updates on my art practice, events and other happenings as well as thoughts to kindle chatting. This will go out no often that once or twice a month.

What started this?
To embrace email! Email is the only form of long-distance communication that I use daily that only necessarily relies on a protocol, and not a┬ácompany nor institution (like the government). Email was born in the 70s and it’s not going anywhere!

I want to know more!

Here is a talk I gave about email, its dark past, and creating my own mischievous email server: