This project started when a mutual friend connected Isabel and me to collaborate because we had similar themes in our work. It worked out, Isabel sent me her song and we workshopped the video remotely. I scheduled a weekend for a shoot at CMU’s panoptic studio as well as a shoot with depthkit.

Here is a quick video I took of the outside of the dome:

This is 10 frames of panoptic footage cleaned and looped in OpenFrameworks.

This is footage from my last shoot with The Moon Baby.


I posted the code that cleaned it here.

without cleaning it, it looked like this in meshlab:

It looked like this in OpenFrameworks because OF doesn’t like doubles, I fixed it but simply replacing the header declaring double with float ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This was the same case with Maya, it was just broken in a different way (mostly the colors were replaced with static colors or half of the point cloud was missing).

I was finally able to get the point clouds working in OpenFrameworks:

Here are some more in-progress shots of the depth kit shoot (totally separate process from the point clouds stuff).


I have started writing about the point clouds compression technique I developed over the course of this project here.