char stiles arsonist


eCosystem is an audio/visual (A/V) set with {arsonist} on audio and me on visuals.


Pittsburgh’s {arsonist} (Danielle Rager) and Char Stiles use live coded audio and visuals to create a simulated ecosystem. The flux of the ecosystem is reflective of the reactive nature of collaboration and the ability to dynamically define and modify rules in a live coding performance. The simulated ecosystem’s state feeds back to alter the music and the visuals, leading to the genesis and destruction of synthesized life forms and their sounds. Thus, the simulated ecosystem begins to mirror that ecosystem which exists in the space between Rager and Stiles’s two machines, a symbiotic exchange of human agency and technological determinism.


We have performed at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, at DADS (Digital Art Demo Space) in Chicago, as well as hosted by Alia Musica also in Pittsburgh.

Projectile Objects, a Pittsburgh-based producer & VJ wrote about eCosystem along with the two other A/V sets at the Mattress Factory. You can read that here.


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