Hello all! Welcome to the GLSL live coding workshop page for tEp!

Workshop Description:

GLSL is the OpenGL Shading Language, a C-like programming language that allows you to to code powerful graphics programs (called shaders) directly on your computer’s graphics card. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to livecode GLSL shaders using a free software called Kodelife or a free and open source program called ISF editor. Livecoding is a method of programming in which one’s changes to the code are realized immediately and in real-time. This is an ideal way to create realtime graphics (music visualizers) for audiovisual performances.

No programming experience required, but recommended.
Please bring your own laptop.


3:22 – 4:22
Intros, conversational presentation, and a walk-through of the starter code.

4:22 – 5:22
Workshop time!

5:22 – 6:00
Reconvene & some show and tell.

6:00 – 7:22
Take a break to get food, prepare 2 rave

7:22 Onward 
Intimate algorave, let’s make pretties together and hang with Char


Here is where you can access the different editors:
* Kodelife ( (not open source, but the most polished)
* ISF editor ( (open source, fits into other VJ softwares, no live compilation)
* The Force ( (Also open source & online editor (no download needed) I also just started using this)


Here you can find boiler plate code I’m going to be walking through:

  1. Kodelife:
  2. The Force:
  3. ISF Editor:


Here you can find the glsl sticker sheet


Here you can find the slides:


Next Steps

These are some specific suggestions from me if you want to continue learning but don’t know how to start.

1. Learn the maths from The Book of Shaders
** If you haven’t looked at this already, look through it! Its wonderfully paced and has a lot of versatile useful information. []

2. Get into 3D!
** This tutorial here: is super thorough and really useful!

** I wrote a really basic ray marcher that will work in kodelife: 

4. Get involved Online
*** is the hub for livecode community. You can join lurk channel (its like slack) and join the visual channel

The livecoder known as MORGANTICS is going to live stream music during our algorave!

Aggressive computer music.
Process oriented approaches.
Currently using Tidalcycles and anything i can get to cooperate with it.
Pittsburgh PA

Thanks to Gabe and the whole tEp community for making this workshop possible!

Here is a link to an online gallery of the fun sketches the participants made: