Learn Livecoding Shaders and/or Raymarching

I have been teaching & iterating upon a workshop on livecoding and/or raymarching for over a year. It has been a really rewarding experience and I wanted to open up any conversations with anyone who might be interested in hiring me to teach their class, company, group of friends, meetup, etc in from lecture style to casual workshop or even one-on-one. I have taught it at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Parsons School of Design and Carnegie Mellon University.

Examples of workshop lesson plans and student work

Here is an example of the lesson page for raymarching.

Here is an example of the lesson page for livecoding.

Here is an example of some student work for learning livecoding.

Here is another example of documentation of the class when I taught it to students with little coding experience.

This is some work by student Soyun Park from that workshop:


Here is an example of a version of a shader done at a raymarching workshop:

More work from a series of 6 lessons taught at Recurse Center where we started with ray marching and worked up to refraction and transparency.


10-30 students: $400 (3-4 hours)

2-9 students: $300 (2-3 hours)

one on one: $200 (1-2 hours)


I am open to changing the price for artist and student led organizations / artists and students one-on-one or anyone who is URM in tech.


I am offering a virtual workshop in light of the recent COVID-19 until May 2020. For 2 hours via Google Hangouts, Discord or whatever platform allows screen sharing for $150.


  • * I can teach to any skill level of students, even absolute beginners.
  • * I can travel (I am based in Brooklyn) but please cover the cost of transportation if its outside of NYC.
  • * I can tailor it to whatever shader editor/version of GLSL/HLSL you like
  • * I can provide a projector and one extra computer & charger for a student to use, every other student must bring their own computer and charger.


Connect with me at contact@Charstiles.com to set up a class.