Devices is a 6-minute audio-visual meditation. Snake Eyes (Isabel Vazquez), a Brooklyn-based dancer, vocalist and producer performed her song Devices, while I captured it with 2D footage, 3D Kinect footage via Depth Kit and 3D multi-Kinect footage via CMU’s Panoptic Studio. The footage will be processed and digested, rendering out a video experience, which can be easily shared online.

When Isabel wrote Devices, as a person who suffers from PTSD, she discusses the effect that this disorder has on her intimate relationships, as well as its effects on her physical body. We use the Panoptic Studio to capture and animate Isabel’s body in such a way as to reflect the physical symptoms she has. The experience, when released, will hopefully raise awareness as to the complexity of this issue.

In Devices, manipulation, digitization and distortion of the physical body are means to the technologization and digital digestion of pain. The power of social media is used to effectively “share pain”, and this is a theme explored in the work manifested as the digital filter. However, as opposed to sharing a post on social media, Devices leans to a fine arts approach, and puts the viewer in a place of bodily discomfort, as Snake Eyes’ body twists and distorts.

This is still a work in progress, I write about the process on and